Advice on a existing perlite texture

I am a taper/painter journeyman. A gentleman from work came to me and asked if i could fix some hollow seems on his cathedral ceiling in his home. I went to his house and come to find out his ceiling has a perlite/bumpy texture. Fixing his seems isnt my issue, its how to blend the existing to the new. All the seems need to be recoated on his ceiling, so with that said whats an easy way to blend it all in? He resides there so a hopper is out, and i'm not or he is paying for one. Is there a particular way to blend it in with a paintroller? If so whats the procedure? how big a roller, what type of perlite, paint, or joint compound do i need? I will take any advice I can get, he is a friend of mine, but I'm not doing this for free!!

Yours Truly
A friend in need of advice

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Feb 18, 2012
Blending texture NEW
by: Drywall Team

Hello, Thanks for writing.

I am very sorry for the late response some how I missed your question. The knocked down perlite I have found it is hard to roll out to match the exact texture because most individuals do not roll it out correctly example some north, south etc.. If it is not done perfectly it shows. I have found to mimic I have had much better luck using a texture sponge vs a roller if I hopper is not an options. Reason being also you have a lot more control and can always come through and knock it down and work it to match fairly easy.
You can mimic using several types of compounds I actually have done them using simple topical compound.
I hope this helps, if there is any additional questions or details I did not cover please feel free to ask.


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