Bending Drywall

Thank you for visiting the bending drywall page. Here we will discuss a few ways you can mold drywall to fit those archways or curved walls. The most common misconceptions people have are that you cannot bend drywall for rounded surfaces and you have to install it in several pieces. This is not the case; a few different options exist when trying to bend drywall.

Things you will want

• Razor blade

• Drill

• Screws

• Sponge

• Small bucket water

• Extra set of hands

Now we must figure out what approach you are going to use.

There are few approaches that can be taken and that are used when trying to bend drywall. The first option is to make cuts in the back of the drywall about ever 6 inches vertically. Take a scrap piece and make fairly light cuts on the brown paper side on a scrap piece of drywall to test your cutting. Always start off with shallow cuts and go deeper. The cuts in the paper give the drywall more flexibility making it a less rigid structure. After you have made your cut you can now try your scrap piece out if it works move on the real thing. When screwing the piece in dry to avoid screwing in cut marks. You will also want to use drywall adhesive and plenty of screws.

The second approach is damping the drywall not soak it but gradually wetting the drywall. The moisture in the drywall will allow the drywall flexibility to conform to the surface. We have always found it best to moisten the drywall slowly bend it and secure it in place. We then let the drywall dry out take the piece down apply drywall adhesive and re attach the sheet.

Your final option is to use ¼ inch drywall and simply double your drywall up giving your standard ½ inch thickness. ¼ inch drywall is very flexible and will usually bend without breaking or cracking. This option requires the least amount of work.

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