Carrying Drywall

Thank you for visiting the carrying drywall page. Maneuvering drywall into your home can be a very tedious and back breaking job. This method is often a preferred by homeowners compared to the carry in delivery option ranging from $1.25-$2.00 per sheet carried in. This may seem like fair amount or a little money if you only have say ten sheets to carry in. It is when you are getting 60-70 sheets it then seems to get fairly expensive fast.

The first step before carrying in your drywall is set up locations where you can stack the drywall. This is usually done by placing 3 2x4s about 3-4 feet long on the floor against the wall. You will also want to install a board to a stud if you have a light switch so it is not pressing against light switch. An important note is to remember how heavy drywall is so you will want to distribute the weight evenly thought out the room. Also do not stack drywall against interior walls if so minimal amounts they do not have the strength to hold the weight against them.

The second step is a bit more difficult and that task is finding a second set of hands to help you carry it in. For some reason we always find it much easier to find people to come over for a BBQ carrying in drywall is a whole other story. Enough with our rants next develop the best path to bring your drywall in to your set up location. Measure the stair and room height to make sure that you can fit the drywall in your location.

Now that you are ready to go the most important tip when carrying drywall is to remember to have both people on the same side. You will both want to the face the same side now take your right hand placing it against your side now turn your palm facing out. That is the hand that will hold the bottom of the drywall sheet. Next take your left hand and reach over the top of the sheet holding it in place keeping the sheet pressed against your shoulder.

They also make tools known as drywall lifting handles that you can purchase that make it a bit easier on hands and back. You can buy a set for around $8 which pays itself off if you carry in 5 or more sheets.

If you are going up stairs it can get a bit tricky so remember to go slow and be careful. It will be over before you know and it will be time for a well deserved break. As always good luck on your home improvement project and we will be with your every step of the way.

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