DIY homeowner

by Roland Lewis
(Mount Airy, MD)

I am about to do some drywall repair. I will be reapplying small irregular pieces of drywall that I will cut to fit the damaged area. Since I will be using cut pieces, I will not have the traditional drywall beveled edges to butt together. My pieces will be 10-15 inches in length. With flat surfaces being butted against other flat surfaces, do I still need to use joint tape? By following the traditional procedures to mud, tape, mud, etc., it would seem that the resulting joint(s) would be raised somewhat or that the tape edges will show.

What should I do?

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Aug 20, 2015
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Aug 12, 2012
Drywall edges NEW
by: DrywallTeam


I am sorry for the late response. If you have already completed your project I am sorry for the late answer. You will want to simply feather/taper your edges to hide the raised edge. You can also compress edge to make it fit.
If you have any further questions or submit pictures I can give you more detailed guidance.

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