Drywall Access Panel

Thank you for visiting the drywall access panel page. Access panels are usually pretty simple to make and require very little work. A few basic tools and you should be on your way. The access panel should be cut out while you are installing your drywall. Step one: You will want to use the same drywall that you used on your ceiling preferably 5/8 inch it is more durable but ½ inch will work as well. The first step will be to cut out your sheet of drywall you will first want to measure your access hole. Make the sheet a half inch smaller on both length and width of that your frame.

Step Two: Once you have finished both hanging and finishing the rest of your drywall. You will now reach the point of being able to install your panel. You will now want to cut yourself a few pieces of trim. Typically one by four lumber is used. Since access panels are usually hidden away this works as a finish. The next step will be to install the one by fours into the access point frame work through the studs and through the drywall. Since you must go through so many layers we recommend either using 3 inch finishing nails or pre drilled 3 inch screws. Step three: Now slide you drywall panel up through the hole then attach the trim boards to the frame work. Once you have secured the board you simply lower your sheet of drywall on top of the trim boards.

If you would like handles to hold on to when lifting your access panel. Simply add a one by four the length of your drywall piece in the center and attach your handles through both layers. You will need to use longer screws than what are typically provided. As you can see building a drywall access panel is fairly simple. We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your home improvement projects. Thank you for visiting our Drywall Access Panel page. Click here to return to the Boxing For Life homepage.