Drywall Alternatives

Thank you for visiting the drywall alternatives page.Drywall is the most popular material used for interior finishing in homes throughout the world. Drywall offers a cost efficient way to give a modern beautiful interior finish. Drywall is paintable and allows several options for home owners. Since drywall has become so popular in homes people our often unaware of its alternatives.

The pros of drywall are that it is cost efficient and easy to use compared to its counterparts. We have composed a list of popular alternative the first being cement board. Cement board is generally a great option when being installed in areas with high moisture or areas where a more durable surface is required. It is however much more expensive and heavier than drywall and harder to install. The benefits are it is mold resistant and will not be ruined in the presence of lots of water.

Another great alternative to drywall is wood which is often used on ceilings, wainscoting to offer contrast and a focal point in the room. There are a few options when it comes to wood there are wood paneling which comes in sheets or you can get individual boards. The wood also varies greatly in the color and material you want to use as well as coming in different thicknesses. You can save by buying pine for installation in place of Oak or Cedar. For closets cedar has become a fairly popular choice due to its aroma. Wood can also be used to cover entire walls in place of drywall this seldom done because of its high cost.

The final option is brick veneer or masonry brick this similar to wood because it usually only seen on a single walls or as a boarder for contrast. Brick is a very expensive alternative but it provides a look unlike any other. This often requires the installation of a backer board such as cement board if you use a fake brick.

You have now seen that there are many drywall alternatives many of which are used in conjunction with drywall. You should always explore you options when looking at home improvement projects. Thank you for visiting and good luck with your project.

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