Drywall Demolition

Thanks for visiting the drywall demolition page! As you begin to embark on your drywall project it may at first seem overwhelming. This step is tedious and physically demanding. This page will guide you through the drywall demolition process so you may begin your project.

Things you will need or want

• Hard hat- this is especially important when removing ceilings

• Gloves

• Face Mask- this is extremely important there will be lots of dust

• Wrecking bar

• Hammer

• Trash can

• Tarps/ Plastic

• Flat bar

Step One

Shut off furnace and cover all air ducts. Now lay plastic over the floors in all areas to protect them in areas you intend to demo. If you remove vents cover over them with a piece of plywood so that you do not step in hole and nothing can fall in them.

Step Two

Use your hammer to puncture small areas first pulling the drywall or plaster board off checking for wires. Never assume the wires only run where the outlet lies some older homes have some crazy wiring. Always drop your ceilings first. Next take your wrecking bar and pull the laths breaking the plasters off pull them through the nails same applies for drywall.

As you demo remember to always be careful what you are hooking with the wrecking bar. Once the ceiling is down before moving on to the walls we recommend cleaning up your service area to prevent stepping on any nails. Once your clean up is done you can start by de nailing the ceiling. This is often done easiest by putting a plank between to ladder or small horses this allows for you too easily reach the nails.

Step Three

Now that your ceiling is down you can now start on the walls. Start at the top of the wall and work your way down. Remember to remove all exterior door trim in the area you are working. Use your flat bar to remove the door trim. It is often a great starting point to work where the door trim once was. Once you have completed the removal and clean up of all the existing drywall. You get to de nail one last time we highly recommend going over a few times to ensure no nails exist. There is nothing worse than hanging a piece of drywall to find a nail popping through it once it is up to be secured in place.

Step Four

Conduct an inspection of the area check for unsafe wires and make note of any corner framing that you may need to do. With lathe and plaster homes you often will need to frame in the corners so that the drywall will have a nailer. Make note of any nailers that need to be installed or corners to be built.

You have now completed your drywall demolition and ready to move on to the drywall preparation page.

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