drywall mirror?

by will
(san diego)

just wondering if anybody has any ideas on this. im trying to make a drywalled wall look like a mirror using just paint ect. no glass any ideas?? thx

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Dec 23, 2018
Creating a mirror on sheetrock NEW
by: John W.

I have 15 years,
residential & commercial experience, very high degree of skill & creative.
1. In the past, if you wanted crown, it was not wood, it was the painter who created it with plaster.
2. Vintage Highly decorative picture frames, we're plaster over wood, usually guided with gold color.
3. Common practice, uses Bondo to repair pet damaged trim.
4. Sheetrock mud can replace Bondo and it's much easier to sand into shape.
5. Area to be mirrored must look & feel flawless. Use a bright painters light at all angles to see and repair flaws. Use a primer that can be sanded. Any flaws you missed will pop out after primed. Repair and prime again with a primer that will take chrome. Spray several coats of chrome until mil spec's are met.
Spray on mirror paint works in reverse and glass will be needed. Chrome will do the job, with proper primer.

Jul 06, 2015
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by: Edith

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Aug 30, 2011
Drywall illusion
by: DrywallTeam

This question had me scratching my head for a bit. Since I am not a painter but I do have a few ideas that I think would look wonderful. I love the idea by the way. The first would be to use a textured finish. Which you can read about on the left hand side. Use a mud knife and simply build out frame with a 1/8 inch skim coat making a boarder. This would give the illusion of built out window. I would first use tape to mark out my lines or draw them out so I knew where to mudd. Next take a darker color highlight the base of the window (newly mudded area). Next paint an image of what you want the other side to look like. Making a few light lines making it appear as looking through glass.
Using the texture would give it a 3 dimensional feel. If this is not of interested the same could be accomplished my simply painting.
Take measurement of window heights in your home and sizes to keep it consistent.
I hope this helps I think it is a great idea. And I would love to see images once it is done.


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