Drywall Mold

Welcome to the Drywall Mold page. Mold on Drywall is an extremely unfortunate occurrence and little can be done to solve the problem besides removing the drywall. Drywall is a porous substances and the mold lives within the pours and makes it impossible to get rid of. If the drywall is painted or coated there is a chance of possibly cleaning the drywall with a cleaner however, I typically just remove it to eliminate any chance of the mold hanging around.

When mold is noticed it should be handled immediately mold can cause several health problems for families with great severity. When removing drywall containing mold make sure that a respirator is worn, gloves and eye protection. Cut out the sections that contain the mold I always remove a section greater than the actual mold area to ensure removal. Certain cities have codes on if a specialist is needed depending the size of the mold spots always consult your city codes.

Preventing mold

The most common cause of mold is a leak from a bathroom or kitchen. The easiest ways to prevent drywall mold is to use green board or moisture resistant drywall. Use a paint and primer to seal the drywall most will be labeled that it will prevent mold. This is especially important in areas of where moisture will be present.

Removing Mold

I simply take a razor knife or jab saw cut away all of bad pieces where mold existed. I use a HEPA vacuum to vacuum any residue. Once the piece is removed clean the wood where it was attached. Another trick taught to me by my step father is to use a primer, paint the wood and the back side of the drywall incase any still exist on the wood. Place all molded drywall in plastic bags these can be found at your local hardware store. Seal the bags up and research drop off locations for the products.
  Please visit our page our demolition page for greater details on the removal process. Mold can be a very serious problem as I mentioned before if you notice it do your best to remove as soon as possible.  
For additional information on installing drywall visit our ´╗┐installing drywall page there you can find additional tips on the installing process. Our site details every step of the drywall process along the way. Feel free to reach out to us to if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting with us today and have a great day.