Drywall Preparation

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As you begin to embark on your drywall project it may at first seem overwhelming. This is where we can help. This page will guide you through the drywall preparation steps prior to beginning your project.

The hardest part of any project is figuring out where to start. This is true with drywall as well so simply follow our step by step guide and we will walk you through it.

Your first order of business is to figure out how much drywall is being replaced. Are you simply patching a hole or installing an entire room of drywall?

Next you must figure out will there be inside corners to mud and tape? Also will you be installing drywall ceilings? If you will be installing a ceiling please refer to our drywall ceiling page. Here we will discuss all that you will need to know when installing ceilings.

Now that you have established what project you are undertaken let us get started. The first thing you will need to do is figure out how much material you are going to need to finish your project. To figure out how much drywall you will need use our drywall estimator.

Now that you have figured out how much drywall you will need you must now figure out what kind of drywall you should use. For example, ½” drywall is generally not recommended for bathrooms unless it is “green board”. And you should check local building codes for any special restrictions.

Check out our “drywall materials” page for more information on the different types of drywall and fasteners. This will lay out the various uses and advantages of on material over another.

You should make a list of all the materials you will need to purchase. This includes drywall screws, drywall tape, drywall mud and your various drywall tools. This list will make life easy when you are at a local hardware or home improvement store trying to remember what you need.

We are now ready for the fun part - demolition. Demolition is the removal of current drywall or pre existing wallboard. In instances of patching hole you will simply cut back existing drywall to the studs for placement of a new piece of drywall.

Remember when doing demolition always be aware of your surroundings and be especially careful around electrical outlets. For more information about demolition please go to the drywall demolition page. If demolition is not necessary please proceed to the next step.

Now that your previous drywall has been removed and you now have your materials and tools to start the job, you need to clean the room or work area. Make sure the walls are clear of nails, screws and staples.

Remember to pick up anything that could interfere with the drywall sitting against wall or you from installing it. Place a tarp or plastic sheeting on the floor to protect it from any mud or other objects that could be damaging to your existing floor.

This completes your drywall preparation.

You are now ready to start installing drywall. Please proceed to our drywall installation page. To lighten mood after all of your hard work we would like to leave you with a drywall joke.

For a laugh- What did the man say to the wall? One more crack out of you and I will plaster you.

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