Drywall Prices

Welcome to the drywall prices page. It often seems impossible to find the information you are looking for when searching for material prices. If you are able to find one product you can never seem to find the rest. We are here to help you solve this problem. We understand that in order to begin your project you will need not only a list of products but also the prices so you can construct a budget.

Writing a budget is one of the hardest parts when undergoing any home improvement project. You do not want to get half way through the project and realize you do not have the funds to continue. So to in order to establish a budget you must first know the prices of the materials needed for your project. Such as the price of drywall sheets, compound, tape and corners pieces.

As you know getting someone on phone at the local lumber yard is hard, let alone someone who knows what they are doing or knowledgeable enough to help you. So to make this process less stressful and easier to manage we have cut out the middle man and went ahead and laid out a list of individual items and drywall prices. The prices are based off of national box retailers. We have also listed prices for a few types of drywall and sizes to give you options.

We have itemized the prices into groups below.

Drywall ½ inch per sheet

• 4x8= $3.90

• 4x12=$5.25

Drywall 5/8 inch per sheet

• 4x8 = $5.20

• 4x12=$6.60

Mold Resistant drywall ½ inch

• 4x8=$6.97

• 4x12=$10.85

Drywall screws/ per lb

• Standard $3.90

• Premium $4.25

Drywall compounds and tapes

• All purpose Drywall Mud $13.00/ 5 gallon

• Topical Drywall mud $14.00/ 5 gallon

• DuraBond 45 $11.50/25Lbs


• Fiberglass tape $6.90/300 ft roll

• Paper Tape $3.75/ per roll

Drywall corners

• Metal corners $1.30

• Vinyl with paper $1.56

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