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Welcome to the drywall questions page. Throughout your home improvement project you may run into some drywall questions that we have not addressed or you may want to ask the Drywall How To community a question about their experience. This website is full of our ideas and experiences. But what we would really love is to have your ideas and experiences. Share your personal stories, photos, the ups and downs of your home improvement project. Show the world what we have accomplished. Or simply ask any questions you may have. As always good luck on your project and we look forward to hearing from you.

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This website is full of our ideas and experiences. But what we would really love is to have your ideas and experiences.
Share your personal stories, photos, the ups and downs of your home improvement project. Or simply ask any questions you may have.

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Hanging ceiling on 2 by 4s 
I need to lower my basement ceiling height about an inch due to plumbing. So I would like to run 2 by 4s across my floor joist to lower my ceiling than …

How many screws do you use per drywall sheet?

john R 
I need to drywall 4 doorways 2 are 8'x 4' should I use one sheet vertical or 2 sheets horizontal? the doors are 32".

Repair water damaged drywall 
How can I repair the water damage to this drywall ceiling? The source of the water leak has been fixed. There is blown-in insulation above it. I'll …

I have a wall that got wet from a plumbing leak. Will the drywall eventually dry out or will it have to be replaced?

Finishing off a basement and the people who hung the sheetrock didn't stagger wall seams. I have put mud on sanded and now textured. The problem is when …

Finishing off a basement and the people who hung the sheetrock didn't stagger wall seams. I have put mud on sanded and now textured. The problem is when …

Wondering if there are any guidelines as to when you should provide a block/nailer for drywall on a ceiling. I ask because my ceiling is framed 24" oc …

Paint Ready Finish 
I've recently had approx 2500 sq ft of drywall installed in a basement reno. The contract stated the drywall to be completed to "paint ready finish". …

Dry wall off cuts placed within the wall 
Having removed the existing dry wall, I found pieces of dry wall off cuts placed behind the existing dry wall, extending from the floor upwards for about …

Taper to cut joint or cut to cut?? 
I understand the value of having tapered joints however the project iam going to be doing is replacing the bottom two feet of drywall in a basement so …

Happy Homebuyer 
I just bought a home that is 1008 square feet, how much drywall do I need to re-drywall the home?

DF Homes 
Can I install drywall directly over foil faced insulation ?

Drywall paper peeled 
Hello. I have a question I'm hoping to get some help with, and even more, hoping you will tell me what I want to hear! I live in a 40+ year old home …

perlite ceiling that is peeling  
I have a perlite ceiling that is peeling away. I have removed the peeling and I am left with bare spots What is the best way to repair it besides sanding …

Site Superintendent 
We are doing a drywall replacement on a small section of wall. We were supplied glue backed roll of drywall tape. My crew were told that with this tape …

Good afternoon (EST), I am beginning the process of dry walling in my basement. When I bought my home the previous owners had already dry walled the …

Joe homeowner 
Want to put up a sheet rock ceiling in my basement. 16" OC joist, Lots of advice, use half inch panels, use ultralight half inch its a lot lighter, use …

Darwin's kitchen 
I recently took down an ugly Formica backsplash in my kitchen. However, while removing the yellow construction adhesive I exposed the drywall down to the …

Home maker 
Hi I finished taping and mudding vertical joints but when we primed I could see thee seams.

drywalling over vaulted cedar wall 
I have a dated cedar feature wall that I would love to have gone. There is drywall under the 1/2" thick tongue and groove cedar planks, but they were …

Drywall Priming 
Unless I've missed it, I don't see where you've addressed the subject of drywall "texturing". Question: I'm currently in the process of getting bids …

horizontal or vertical on a 92" wall? 
I am hanging drywall on 92" basement walls. I have hung drywall in the past, always horizontally, but I am tempted to hang this vertically and just cut …

first timer 
I want to create more privacy in my basement by hanging drywall over a largely open space created as the stairs come down from the kitchen. The only problem …

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New contractor 
How do you estimate your time to mud drywall? Both for ceilings and for walls.

Which is best way to ad drywall taping?

Drywall Joints and Electrical Boxes 
I'm drywalling a ceiling that (unfortunately) is 12' -1" wide and has electrical boxes for light fixtures right on the centerline of the ceiling. I obviously …

Drywall and plaster to tape and spackle 
Hi, I have lots of questions so I will give you the backstory. In our front foyer of a 90+ yr old house we had wallpaper all around. I successfully peeled …

Bought Do-It-Yourselfer's Home 
I am re-doing a 1970's kitchen and am puzzled after removing the wallpaper. Some of it was pasted onto taped bare drywall and some on textured but unprimed …

basement drywaller 
Thinking ahead...Is it easier for the taping and mudding process to have the factory edge or cut edge of a sheet on an outside corner/inside corner?

how much dry wall mud will i need for 4,500 sqft of texture.

DIY homeowner 
I am about to do some drywall repair. I will be reapplying small irregular pieces of drywall that I will cut to fit the damaged area. Since I will be …

sheet metal worker 
is it ok to peal some of the paper off the inside by a widow or door opening and scrap some of the plaster or whatever it's called. i'am trying to taper …

Bubbles in Ceiling Drywall after Painting 
After painting my ceiling, with Ceiling paint, one area, approx 2' x 2' had several bubbles appear. They were the size of a eraser up to the size of a …

My folks live in a double wide. I have removed the stripping from the paper paneling and am taping and mudding the seams. The mud doesn't want to adhere …

Drywall finishing question 
Can i skip finishing joint compound the surface and prime directly on drywall surface without joint compound on surface? Will it work?

when studs are Not 16" apart? 
When studs are more or less than 16"apart apart ;will this cause the dry wall to buckle when the wall can not be screwed at the end of the dry wall board? …

my paper tape is not sticking. I have a coat of mud on it but it is pulling away. Help

more than 25 years ago I worked a summer with an old timer. Jack of all trades type, I help him finish his own custom home. when doing the drywall he brought …

Help -- need your advice 
Major question! I have a guy replacing my drop ceiling with drywall. There were wood joists on which the drop ceiling tiles were stapled. The original …

Should I use green sheetrock behind the stool in the bathroom?

Advice on a existing perlite texture 
I am a taper/painter journeyman. A gentleman from work came to me and asked if i could fix some hollow seems on his cathedral ceiling in his home. I went …

Hello, we have a corner tool for a taping tool, we were wondering how to correctly measure it. Could you please help us. Thank you for your time. Kara …

R-19 Insulation Batting in 2x4 walls on 24" Centers - Will 5/8" Sheetrock hold it in? 
The house that I purchased this year includes a garden shed, built in 1984, and the interior of it was never finished. It has 2x4 wall studs on 24" centers. …

Tub Surround Transition Question 
I am sheetrocking over my tubsurround, and as this is my first project like this I have no knowledge of how to finish the transition from the drywall to …

Taping butt joints? 
I've installed a ceiling but I'm not too sure how to finish the butt joints. Do I tape and mud like the joints along the edges? If so, should I use paper …

Hanging Drywall 
On an 8 X 8 wall, should you hang your drywall vertically or horizontally?

How much drywall do I need to buy? 
I have a ceiling that is 16'x20'. How many 4'x12' sheets 5/8" thick of drywall are needed to cover my ceiling?

I wish drywall was that cheap. 
Hi I found your article helpful but one thing I noiced is you stated the cost of Drywall sheets 4x8 1/2 inch $6.88/ per bundle(2 sheets) This would make …

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Hi, i am using those plastic corner for where my rounded corner beads meet. I am having trouble getting them to fully adhere to the drywall. they seem …

special prep 
I have put up a new wall that butts into old construction and I will be taping the seams where the old and the new construction come together. The old …

Multi layered drywall 
I have removed the plaster walls from my kitchen and will replace with drywall. I will need to layer 2 sheets to achieve the 7/8" thickness as measured …

Mysterious Stripes On Drywall 
I built a new home a few years ago. A year later stripes began to appear on all the walls painted by the builder, but on none of the walls I painted. Also, …

Double drywall 
Is it requested by any standard or codes that you know, that drywall should be doubled on each side of a stud?( For example two peices on each side)

New construction 
My husband and myself are building our home by ourselves...we are hanging sheet rock question is...if we are going to texture the you …

Before or After 
Just a general question. I am hanging drywall on a new wall with a door in it. Is it better to install the door frame before or after I hang the drywall? …

Cinder block walls 
Hello I have drywall questions, we are remodeling our 1949 home the basement outer walls and middle support wall are all cinder blocks. I would like to …

Why do installers hang the first sheet of drywall up against the ceiling and not along the floor line?

drywall mirror? 
just wondering if anybody has any ideas on this. im trying to make a drywalled wall look like a mirror using just paint ect. no glass any ideas?? thx

Non drywall installer a lady 
How do I take down the drywall or wall paneling?

Thank You 
Thanks Good clear instructions, your site answered my questions! Now have the confidence to proceed. Dan

Basement Quote 

Hello, I just moved into home and the walls in all rooms have seams that are visible . What could I do blend in these areas?

Gaps between the drywall and sagging on ceilling 
What do you do if the drywall has gaps or is sagging in the ceiling?

help with gypsum ceiling 
Hi,I have a drywall ceiling and the light fixtures are recessed LED contraptions; when you remove them and reinstall them the gypsum around the whole is …

drywall repair advice 
Help, my drywall is buldging at the seams. I thought it was a water leak but it wasnt moist. Husband tried to fix it but, it looks worse. He told me that …

Vertical Drywall 
What is the best way to hang drywall in a basement with 10ft. walls, also a drop ceiling will be installed in most rooms.

tapered edge that meets a square edge 
I just installed drywall for the first time and was wondering what to do when this happens. Am I supposed to only let tapered edges meet tapered edges …

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