Drywall Texture

Welcome to the drywall texture page. Adding a texture to your walls can truly add value to your home giving it a unique and elegant look. Applying a texture can also serve other purposes.

Frequently asked questions on how the drywall-how-to site is how can I cover up or hide visible seams or imperfections without tearing down the drywall? Simple, apply a texture. You will notice in most apartment complexes or rental homes a textured finish is used.

This is because it is much easier to hide imperfections especially if patch work needs to be done. Regardless of why you are applying a texture lets dive in and teach you how.

The first thing you will need to do is purchase your materials you will want to purchase one or two 5 gallon buckets of topical coat mudd. Once you have your materials you may also need to purchase some of the tools below if you do not have them.

Tools needed:

drywall knife 8 inch

drywall pan

large sponge or

paint brush

Next you will want to remove everything off of the walls such as outlet covers. You will then want to place tarps or plastic on your floors to protect them from the compound because no matter how careful you are accidents happen. You will also want to cover your trim the same as if you were painting.

You will now take and fill your drywall pan half way with drywall compound. You will use your drywall knife to place it in the pan from the bucket. Now that you have mud in your pan you will take and place a skim coat across the wall between a 1/16 of inch to a 1/8 thick. You will want to try and apply smoothly so that the thicknesses are close.

I would recommend starting a small wall or area to get used to the process. You will want to watch your time and read the drying time for the compound you are using. When applying a texture finish you typically will want a slower drying compound. Once you have applied your skim coat the fun is about to start.

Finally you will use the tool of your choosing to create the desired texture. In the tools needed section I listed a sponge and paint brush which are two commonly used to items. The sponge you will simple dab against the wall.

The brush will allow you to more intricate details such as swirls or certain line movement. I have actually seen people draw pictures with the paint brushes in the wet mud. This was very interesting to see because it gave the wall a 3 dimensional feel once it was painted.

Be as creative as you want when adding a drywall textured finish it can really add a lot to a room, and it can be something you can be proud of.

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