Drywall Tools

Here we have laid out lists of the drywall tools you will need for your drywalling project. There are several options provided below.

The first list is just the bare essentials. These are the necessary tools for any job. The do-it-yourselfer on a tight budget will be able to get by with these tools alone. The down side to this option is that it may require more time and work.

These include drywall tools as simple as a razor knife, tape measure, and variously-sized drywall (putty) knives.

Your second option is to purchase the more advanced set of suggested tools which will make your drywall project run much smoother. These include items such as drill attachments that set the drywall screws to the required depth, circle cutters, and outlet markers.

Many of these tools can be expensive and you may want to pick and choose what you can/can't live without. I will say that many of these tools will greatly reduce the amount of stress and effort required to install drywall.

The third link will provide a list of possible rental tools if purchasing them is not an option or is not practical. These include tools such as drywall lifts and electric drywall routers for cutting.

These are tools that are probably too cost-prohibitive to purchase simply for a single drywall installation project. Most local equipment rental stores will have these tools available at a fraction of their purchasing cost.

Each page will give pictures and overviews of the tools, their uses, costs, and some helpful tips.

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