Help -- need your advice

by Mel
(Columbus, Ohio)

Major question! I have a guy replacing my drop ceiling with drywall. There were wood joists on which the drop ceiling tiles were stapled. The original ceiling was lathe and plaster. He claims he is done except the sanding and finishing, yet the ceiling does not meet the top of the wall in several places!! We're talking 1/4-inch gap or more! Granted the house was built in 1928, but still. He claims it can't be fixed and told me to get crown molding to fix. Don't have $$ for crown molding. Am I getting screwed? Besides, he's charging me $750 to do it all, take down, put up, prime and paint. Kitchen is about 12 x 20. Help please

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Oct 19, 2015
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Jan 21, 2012
Drywall problem NEW
by: Drywall Team


Wow where to begin. First you should never install a ceiling after the fact. Your walls should be butted to the ceiling. If that is not a possibility. The second issue is that the gap could easily be repaired using a product called durabond. The issue is the quality of the work. In no way, shape or form should there be gaps. He can easily go through and use durabond to fill the gaps especially if they are under a half inch. You can even do gaps up to 3/4 of inch with durabond to be honest.
Price wise I think it is a little steep especially since its only 5 sheets he hung. Say he charge 250 for demo thats still a 100 per sheet to hang, mud and tape and paint with materials I am guessing. The going rate where I am at is 55 and that includes material. Depending on the area it could be higher.
I hope this helps.


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