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Remodel Information - Experience tells us that if you prepare for your remodel ahead of time you have a better chance of achieving your dream. So gather your ideas and information, and lets start planning.Remodel Information -A DIY Home Remodeling Project for the Average Guy - Providing a detailed account of a home remodeling project from the exterior to the interior where an average guy / homeowner can see the struggles and methods used for remodeling.

DIY Bathroom Remodel - DIY Bathroom Remodel is a well-organized site that will walk you step-by-step through your bathroom remodeling project.


House Painting Guide - House painting information for the do-it-yourself homeowner with detailed instructions and helpful tips. Topics include interior and exterior surface preparation, interior and exterior house painting techniques, drywall repair instructions, wood refinishing, wood deck refinishing and staining, choosing the best painting tools and paint colors.

PainterClick.com - How-to information on painting and other aspects of home improvement.. Includes do-it-yourself guide, and links.

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All Home Decorating - Helpful articles and tips for decorating every room in your home.

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Expert Landlord Resources - Useful articles on the topic of landlords and property management.