How To Install Drywall

Welcome to the how to install drywall page. Drywall is the most popular interior finishing material on the market because it used both residentially and commercially. It allows for a clean, durable, paintable surface that is cheap and easy to work with. We here at Drywall How To have created this site to help guide through the entire drywall process from start to finish.

With over 75 pages of content we are sure we can help you complete your drywall project. At any time if you run into a problem that we do not address, feel free to contact us on our drywall questions and answers page. Through the site we cover everything from how to carry drywall to priming and texturing your drywall.

It often seems overwhelming when first taking on any home improvement project. Have no worries; we will steer you through each step from measuring your room and buying materials to priming your walls for paint. Learning how to install drywall is a fairly simple process; it will require a few tools and a little hard work but in the end it will save you money and give you something to be proud of.

This page will offer an appendix of resources offering you all the available information you will need to install drywall. So let us dive right in and at any time you can also feel free to reference the left navigation bar to go to specific page.

The first step of the process will be to remove all existing drywall, plaster or wall coverings. If you need more information on drywall demolition process visit here. This is a fairly easy process. You will simply want to get a dumpster, protective equipment, and a few demo tools.

The next step of the process is to prep your room. This includes steps such as shutting off your heat or air conditioning and closing vents, pulling nails, etc.. For more information on how you can prep your room visit here. The preparation process is very important.

There is nothing more frustrating than hanging a sheet of drywall and nails pop through the back of the new sheet of drywall. Or even more frustrating is during the hanging process you have sheet of drywall suspended and you realize the wall does not have a proper corner built for drywall.

Step three is hanging your ceiling; you will always want to hang your ceilings first. For more information on how to hang your ceilings or on hanging drywall view the links below.

Hanging drywall

Drywall Ceilings.

The final process of installing drywall is the mudding and tapping process; for further details visit the link below.

Mudding drywall

Tapping drywall

As you have discovered learning how to install drywall is a fairly simple process and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Please feel free to use the navigation bar on the left side for more information on any step of the process. As always we wish you the best of luck on your project and are here to help.

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