by Joe
( NY, USA)

Good afternoon (EST),

I am beginning the process of dry walling in my basement. When I bought my home the previous owners had already dry walled the ceiling and one wall (then decided to sell instead), so I have taken up the mantle of doing the other three walls. Since this is a basement, I currently have cement walls, and I was hoping I could get some guidance on adding in posts. I believe I saw somewhere on this site (which I have lost an entire work day reading end to end, VERY HELPFUL, I cannot wait to post some pictures for you guys as I get to work) that posts should be centered 16" apart, is this correct? Would you put one horizontal piece at both the top and bottom? (I assume yes to this, but have to ask). Also, do you know the best way of adding posts to cement? Are there specific screws for this or will I need to purchase a masonry drill?

Any advice you have would be very helpful.



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Oct 05, 2015
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