R-19 Insulation Batting in 2x4 walls on 24" Centers - Will 5/8" Sheetrock hold it in?

by Andy
(Kerrville, Texas)

The house that I purchased this year includes a garden shed, built in 1984, and the interior of it was never finished. It has 2x4 wall studs on 24" centers. I am finishing it out, however, the only wall insulation batting I can find for 24" centers is R-19,...meant to be used with 2x6 studs and which is THICK for 2x4 wall studs.

My question is: I'll have to compress it down a bit when I put up the sheetrock walls. I'm using 5/8" fireproof sheetrock, for the extra strength. Will it hold? Or, will the insulation cause it to bulge or pop out screws?

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Oct 18, 2012
by: Jeremy

So you know the R value is based on how well the insulation captures and repells. If the insulation is compressed then the R value is dimished a lot. Adding a 2x2 to your existing stud on the interior wall side would be beneficial for your R value but you will lose swaure footage. Lastly if you get a compressed insulation which is possible but more expensive you will retain the R value and will not lose square footage.
To answer your question though, if you use a 6 inch screw pattern on each stud line and use 5/8 drywall with only dimpling the screw not tearing the drywall it will hold. Make sure you have a good mud tape and texture guy to hide any flaws.

Jan 05, 2012
R13 for 24 inch on center NEW
by: Drywall Team

Thank you for your question sorry for the late response. I have been on vacation for the last few weeks plus the holiday.
First I want to discuss using 2x4's for a structure that are 24 inch on center. You should always use 2x6 if your spacing is greater than 16 inches. It maybe just as cheap to stud in extra 2x4's and fill the voids making your studs fall 16 inch on center. This would create a stronger structure as well as allow you to use r-13. Using the r-19 will cause the drywall to be compressed and will not allow for as good of r value. Extra is not always better with how cheap studs are I think that would be your best option. You can special order r-13 but the cost will be great.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.


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