tapered edge that meets a square edge

by Doug

I just installed drywall for the first time and was wondering what to do when this happens. Am I supposed to only let tapered edges meet tapered edges and square meet square or can one meet the other?

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Sep 16, 2015
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Dec 10, 2012
dealing with tapered edge next to cut edge NEW
by: Edwin Brown

It is true that when you feather out your joints far enough, you will hide the thickness differential of the two sides of the joint.

However, you can simplify matters by just pre-filling the tapered part of the joint. Let dry then tape and coat as you would any regular joint where no tapered edges are involved.

Since this will be equivalent to a regular "butt" joint, you will need to go wider than if you were doing a long joint of two tapered edges.

I hope this is clear.

Feb 18, 2012
Tappered drywall edge NEW
by: Drywall Team

Hello, Thanks for writing it is not an issue at all when your have a tappered edge butting into a square edge. This is very common when hanging drywall. After you mud and tape you will never know that it existed. This is because you will feather out your seams bringing them flush hiding any imperfections.
Feel free to visit our mudding and tapping page.

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