Tub Surround Transition Question

I am sheetrocking over my tubsurround, and as this is my first project like this I have no knowledge of how to finish the transition from the drywall to the tub surround. Is there a J hannel that is use there, or do I just run a bead of Caulk there and paint heavily? I looked at a friends bathroom and there didnt appear to be anything but sheetrock down to the tub surround. I am uing water resistant sheetrock and there is a lip that goexs behind it from the tub surround. Im just concerned about the edg of the sheetrock degrading over time.

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Sep 14, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Nov 11, 2011
Drywall around Tub NEW
by: DrywallTeam


This is a great question and a page that we are planning on writing in our bathroom section. When installing drywall around your tub you will first fasten your tub surround to your studs. You will then have a lip where your drywall sits even with the surround. This covers up your surround screws etc.. As you stated you will need to use moisture resistant drywall. Where the drywall butts to the surround you will want to use a clear silicone or caulk silicons which has a longer life. You will want to place it one the edge all the way around the surround eliminating any chance of water to creep in.
Also you will want to use a moisture resistant paint.

I hope this helps.


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