Vertical Drywall

by Aaron Gray

What is the best way to hang drywall in a basement with 10ft. walls, also a drop ceiling will be installed in most rooms.

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Aug 19, 2015
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Jul 17, 2011
Basement Drywall
by: DrywallTeam


Hanging drywall in your basement is not typically to much different than hanging drywall in your home. We would still recommend hanging the sheets horizontally verse vertically.
I realize with it being a ten foot ceilings it seems like less work standing them straight up and down but doing so would leave a seam every 4 feet we recommend against it. Especially if you are mudding and taping the drywall yourself.
They do have what is known as stretch drywall which is 54 inches instead of 48 inch which is intended for 9 foot ceilings. Having a 10 ft ceiling height you will simply want to run two and half sheets horizontally.
I do recommend placing a sealer like drylock on your walls before hanging drywall to give yourself a little more sleep at night.
If you have more detailed questions please feel free to ask.

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